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What garage doors to get? How to maintain them? What is backroom? We answer all your questions

What can I do about scratches?

Surface scratches should be easily fixed, especially if they do not go too deep into the metal. Lightly sanding or buffing and then repainting should fix the scratch. However, you should be careful when you do this since it is a sensitive procedure and you might worsen the damage on the surface.

What is the best way to clean my garage door?

The manner of cleaning your garage door depends on its type. Wooden garage doors, for example, require a certain way of cleaning it to maintain its durability and quality. In general, household detergent in warm water should be sufficient to clean your garage door. Make sure you rinse it completely after and allow it to dry.

Are rollers and tracks replaced together?

Although it's wise to check both garage door parts when you are thinking to make improvements, it's not necessary unless they're both worn. The tracks might be replaced due to current damage or made of galvanized materials and last longer than rollers. It's also good to check and possibly replace the hinges along with rollers.

Is it easy to adjust springs?

Garage door springs adjustment is a vital service, which must be trusted to our experienced technicians. It demands special knowledge but also tools. If you have torsion springs, you must own the right size winding bar. Adjusting torsion springs is rather complex and it's always good to refrain from approaching and meddling with springs.

Can the spring damage other components when breaking?

This is highly unlikely to happen if the garage door parts which are connected to it have been properly installed and are in good operating condition. In this case, the strain on the opener hardware will increase, but it should be able to withstand the extra pressure until the spring is replaced. The door must not be operated before the repair as this will pose threat to all components and especially to the opener, cables and rollers.

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